PHP cheat sheets: where to get a quick help for working with different types?

PHP Cheatsheets

Greetings, friends. I want to share a useful site with cheat sheets for PHP developers. These cheat sheets can be useful to find out the differences in operations for different versions of PHP. Also, to refresh your knowledge before a job interview. The site provides three cheat sheets by category: variable comparison, arithmetic operations, and variable checking.

Variable comparison in PHP

Сравнение переменных в PHP

This section presents the results of a comparison of the values of different types in PHP.

PHP Variable Comparison Cheatsheet for PHP 5.6.40

PHP arithmetic operations

Арифметические операции PHP

In this section you can see the result of arithmetic operations on values of different types in PHP.

PHP Arithmetic Operations Cheatsheet for PHP 5.6.40

Variable checking and typecasting in PHP

Проверка переменных и приведение типов в PHP

This section shows the result of checking variables and typecasting on values of different types in PHP.

PHP Variable Testing Cheatsheet for PHP 5.6.40

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